Friday Programs


AT&T Stadium Photo Shoot

Image by Scott Kelby

This is an unprecedented opportunity to photograph inside AT&T Stadium.

The Art of Street Portraits

When it comes to impactful portraits, oftentimes it’s difficult to get the subjects that you most desire into the studio.

Play With Your Food!

Your mother told you not to play with your food; but we encourage it!

Airborne Over Texas

Justin Moore will take you on an exciting tour of how low altitude aerial photography is changing the photography industry.

Architectural Shooting Techniques for
Magazine Quality Images

This on location workshop will go step by step working through real world or architectural and real estate photography.

Welcome to the Jungle of Wildlife Photography

If you love photographing wildlife, either in their natural environment, game parks or in a zoo, this workshop is for you.

Inspiration Track

Pro Track

Camera 101
Presented by Ross Benton

Friday, October 12, 2018
2:00 pM – 5 PM

Discover the joys of taking control of your camera instead if it controlling you.  Gain the confidence to get away from Program, Aperture Priority and Shutter Speed Priority and discover the world of proper exposure by shooting in manual.

This class will cover the basics such as f-stops and shutter speed and how they impact your images.  Discover the fatal flaw of “Auto ISO” and why you should deliberately set this important setting.  You will also learn why “Auto White Balance” is seriously causing you more time and effort than it should.

We will take a look at the impact of capturing your images in JPG mode vs RAW and why you may only be using about 25% of your cameras resources.

We will talk about exposure, capture and making better decisions on what to photography and how.  It may be a 101 class, but don’t be surprised if you learn much more than you thought.

Meet the Speaker:
Ross Benton opened a small storefront studio in central San Antonio in 2008. Ross’ recipe for business is as unique as his photography. Known for his weddings, his market rapidly expanded into the family and senior markets. His laid back approachable style creates a relaxed environment for his clients which you’ll also find flowing over into the classroom.practice and create imagery.”

The Right Light & The Right Pose
Presented by Alison Carlino

Friday, October 12, 2018
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Ever walk into a location and feel less than inspired? After 15 years in the industry, Alison has seen her fair share of lighting challenges and has helped even the most nervous individuals relax into poses that match the mood of the light & the location. The first part of this class assumes you understand the exposure triangle and are already using flash off camera but need some creative inspiration for difficult light & stiff humans.

Learn how to walk into any space and diagnose the QQCD of the light (the quality, quantity, color, and direction). Once you know what you’re working with, you can visualize the end result and work backwards, adding the flashes, modifiers, gels, and drama to complete your image. Alison will describe the manual settings used & show pull back photos with her go-to single flash technique called the “triangle of light” as well as when and where a second and a third light can be placed. Modifiers from bare bulb to umbrellas, to softboxes, grids, and gels will be discussed with photo samples.

Advance your thinking into the realm of HSS (high speed sync) using all Phottix lighting gear. You’ll understand what it is and when it could really help your images.

The last part of the class centers around relaxing your clients and guiding them into poses that match the mood of the lighting as well as the location. Alison will demo modern posing for females, males, and couples ranging from basic to creative.

  • Identify the QQCD of light in any location and decide how to proceed.
  • Learn Alison’s “triangle of light” set up along with adding a second and a third flash.
  • Identify the modifiers that produce various results.
  • Learn what high speed sync is and why/when you should use it.
  • Learn & practice (in class) modern posing for females, males, and couples.

Meet the Speaker:
Alison Carlino photographs and educates around the world. As a former master degreed elementary teacher, she is able to relate to students both technically and personally.

In her 15th year of business, she hosts multi and single day workshops on Off Camera Flash and Modern Posing.

Alison lives in Sugar Land, Tx with her husband of 22 years, her two teenage sons, and her 4 cats:)