Hosted by Tony Corbell and Larry Lourcey
Friday, October 12
Excursion Fee: $99 (includes admission into the stadium)

This is an unprecedented opportunity to photograph inside AT&T Stadium. This landmark home of the Dallas Cowboys has granted an extraordinary exception to I-Heart Photography participants to photograph throughout the stadium without the usual camera and lens restrictions.

Join our “coaches” as they take you throughout the stadium to help you find the best images, the best angles and the best exposures. Prefer to discover your own images in your own way? Your coach will help you as little or as much as you want.

This is not the usual tour of the stadium, this is truly a photo session with rare access throughout. Bring your camera and a tripod and be prepared to come away with some breathtaking images.

  Register Now – $99 (Does NOT include admission to the
I Heart Photography Conference and Expo)

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Location:  AT&T Stadium in Arlington

Check out this article by Scott Kelby and his experience photographing inside AT&T Stadium.

Meet the Instructors:

Tony Corbell
Tony Corbell’s craft began as simply a job. For almost two years he really didn’t care about the photograph. He cared about the hours he worked weekly and the paycheck. Then something snapped. He got better. He started caring about the client. 39 years later, he is recognized as one trying to help make a difference for others in photography throughout the world.

Larry Lourcey
Since earning his Bachelor of Arts in 1992, continuing education has always been a priority for Larry. Countless art classes and photography workshops have helped to mold his style and technique. His work encompasses a broad range of styles- from fun, whimsical black and whites to elegant, traditional portraiture. He is also a talented painter, with a rich style inspired by artists like Pina Daeni and John Singer Sargent. His work has been featured in everything from the “Painter Wow” books to the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine. He has had several images included in the PPA Loan Collection, earning him the Imaging Excellence Award in 2013. He has also been a finalist in the Grand Imaging Awards.