Brush MasterClass and Improving Your Workflow
Friday, October 14

The “Brush MasterClass and Improving Your Photoshop Workflow” course is a basic course for any Photoshop user. The class is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of all things brushes as well as provide some little-known tips, tricks, settings and tools that will improve your Photoshop workflow and save time.

We will begin the workflow segment with a review of key preferences and demonstrate how to customize your workspace and your toolbars. We will also cover quick tips and shortcuts which will save you considerable time in reaching up to the dropdown menus. The workflow segment finishes with some cool features of the library module and a review of how to get more “free stuff!”

The Brush Masterclass will begin with an overview of all the different types of brushes, from painters and drawers, stamps and concept brushes as well and the mixer brush. We will take a deep dive into the entire brush settings panel and explain all the settings for a brush tip so you can customize your own brushes. The class will demonstrate how to build a brush tip and define a new brush and then make that brush dynamic with settings.

The class will demonstrate the mixer brush settings, so you know how to use this brush as both a blender and a painter and add one of the most powerful brushes into your retouching and painting toolbox.

• Learn how to customize your Photoshop workspace, toolbar and build custom shortcuts to match your workflow
• Learn quick tips for adding layers and masks and changing and filling these with color
• Understand the difference between the adjustment layers that are destructive versus non-destructive editing
• Learn how to build custom patterns and gradients in your on-line library
• Build custom brushes and understand the brush panel settings sufficiently to build or modify any brush in your library
• Learn how to assign a brush tip to different tools such as the smudge, clone or eraser
• Get familiar with the mixer brush settings to use it as a blender or a painter and understand how to maximize the power of this tool

I’m a retired Navy Medical Service Corps officer turned Consultant in the Healthcare Technology vertical.  I was an independent consultant for about 11 years and loved the “non-corporate” life.  But even the days of consulting are behind me now as I embrace full-time retirement and spend my days on two primary activities: Photography and Corvettes! Oh and I can’t forget travel… which has taken up a fair amount of my first couple of years of retirement.