Children’s Fine Art Studio
Saturday, October 15

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Fine Art Photographer, Maria Arellano of Maribella Portraits will walk you through her creative process from finding inspiration to photographing a child or teen in the studio. You will learn how to develop. your ideas, gather props and guide parents in finding wardrobe. Finally you will be able to watch Maria photograph two different models using one and two light set ups.

1. Where to find inspiration
2. How to develop your concept
3. Set up
4.Child/Teen posing
5. Lighting

Maria is an award-winning photographer that creates unique photography art for families.

At her studio, Maribella Portraits, she specializes in child, family, and Goddess portrait photography.

She offers a  full-service studio, providing styling assistance, hair and make-up, and high-quality fine art products.

Throughout her career she has seen how girls and women are transformed by the power of our photography experiences.

Maria is passionate about supporting other photographers believing that as a community we can rise together. She feels that while nurturing your creativity and perfecting your art is important. Photographers need to focus on the business systems and marketing strategies that will allow them succeed as professional photographers.