Video Excursion in Grapevine

Hosted by Todd White
Friday, October 14

Excursion Fee:  $59

Are you interested in shooting videos for your clients and add that to your business offerings? Looking to practice creating videos for portrait sessions, fashion, clothing brands or lifestyle content? Come join Todd along with professional models in Grapevine to learn and create video content that will help you grow your skills and get more comfortable creating video.

This excursion will be a combination of education and hands-on practice with models to create lifestyle video content. In addition to a cool location to shoot, Todd will talk about planning the shoot, shooting with an edit in mind, choosing the right locations, working with available light, directing your model and when to use slow motion. Todd will break down his shots and the thought process behind them so you can easily follow and create your own. You will learn about how to be comfortable with the environment, how to capture authentic shots and create a dynamic video for your clients.

You will also learn camera movement and how to use the elements around you to add character and texture to your videos. By the end of class, you should have enough footage to be able to go home and edit a short lifestyle video.

In addition to the above, Todd will also cover:

  • Using frame rates for movement and creativity.
  • Techniques for stabilizing the camera without a gimbal
  • Techniques for shooting handheld
  • Using ND filters for maintaining a shallow depth of field and controlling light
  • Working with your client/talent and directing them to get the movement you need
  • Shooting transitions in camera
  • Learning to shoot for the edit

For this excursion, please bring:

  • Camera – DSLR or Mirrorless that records video
  • A freshly formatted memory card
  • A fully charged battery
  • A variable ND filter (VND. This is optional but will help you when shooting outside. Highly recommended)
  • Note-taking Supplies
  • Optional Gear (NOT Required, bring only if you have it or want to use it) – gorillapod, gimbal. NO tripods or monopod. Keep in mind, we will be walking around a lot and you’ll have to carry what you bring.

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Meet the Speaker:

Todd is a native Texan and spent 26 years in the corporate world before making the switch to a full-time videographer and photographer.  He is a 3x Emmy Awarded Producer and Videographer with The Daytripper TV show on PBS.

Todd grew up shooting on film and is self-taught. His passion for photography grew during a month-long trip to India and has not stopped since.

Fashion and lifestyle content is what he focuses on and a blend of photos and video is the primary type of content he creates for his clients.

Todd is a husband and a father. He has found that blend of hobby and career in photography and videography. He is a foodie and a craft beer lover as well.

Check out more of his work at