“First Three Songs…No Flash!”
Cliff Ranson

Saturday, October 12, 2019
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

For concert photographers, “First three songs, no flash” is the industry standard announcement immediately before leaving the media holding area. After securing your position in the pit, you wait for the lights to go down, the energy rises, and then, there are no second chances. You must capture everything you need for the venue during the first three songs, no excuses.

I will detail probably the most exciting fifteen minutes a photographer can experience from the pit directly in front of the concert stage. And also what it is like to deal with all the backstage personalities associated with the music industry. Having been the House Photographer for the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo Texas since 2003, I have photographed over 400 concerts and events. This program will teach attendees how to photograph in large or small venues, whether professional or amateur events.

Meet the Speaker:
Cliff Ranson began his professional career as a high school football and baseball coach while teaching biology and chemistry in the classroom. His photography business started in the late 80’s and overlapped his educational career until he retired in 2003. He joined PPA and TPPA in 1992 and served as the President of Texas PPA in 2011. When not working, he enjoys traveling, playing table tennis, and listening to an extensive collection of vinyl lps on the stereo.