Hosted by Guy T. Phillips

Gain confidence with hands-on, while you learn the advantages of each. We’ll review Natural Light, Speedlight, Constant Light and Studio Flash modifiers, and learn the when and why to choose the right method.

This class provides a complete hands-on experience as you learn to work with:
Diffuser / Reflectors
Shoot – Through, White Reflective, Silver Reflective Umbrellas
Strip Softboxes
Square Softboxes
Octobox and Parabolic
Light Stands, Big and Small

After this class, you’ll make better buying decisions, and understand common setups to make your client look their best! Be prepared to learn while you have fun!

Meet TPPA Member, Guy T. Phillips
Guy T is known throughout the U.S. for his “entertaining” style of corporate-level training that will help you stay engaged throughout the session. Be prepared to have fun and laugh while you learn the things you didn’t pick up from a manual or an online video! Guy T is a native Texan (San Antonio born and Hill Country-raised), and a long-time resident of Highland Village. His usual, unbiased description of his wife is “She is still the most beautiful woman I have ever met and the best friend I could ever ask for”, and he is equally proud of his “greatest daughter in the world”!