Success in the “Print-on-Demand” Marketplace
Presented by Stephen Stookey
Friday, October 14
2PM to 5:30PM

“Print-on-Demand (POD) companies offer artists the possibility of online revenue streams with the ease of outsourced production, distribution, and customer service. Artists face a plethora of POD provider and product choices. Finding the right fit for one’s studio is essential to a positive online POD experience. This seminar offers a primer on entering the POD marketplace and charting a path toward online sales success.

Stephen Stookey wandered into the POD marketplace in June 2013 with a handful of images to list and plenty of curiosity. It took a bit of exploration to discover the right mix of product, pricing, and promotion for POD success. Working with POD sites like Fine Art America, Stephen discovered a pathway to a profitable POD presence. Additionally, his POD presence opened the door to image use in Hollywood productions, hotel and business installations, and private commissions. Stephen’s POD annual income supports his work & travel with global ministry organizations, funds family activities, and pays for equipment upgrades–all of which make his CPA (wife Beverly) very happy.”

1. Understanding the POD marketplace: vendors & products; pros & cons
2. Strategies for starting a POD business
3. Understanding what sells in the POD marketplace
4. Strategies to help buyer’s find you: pricing & promotion
5. Sales opportunities generated by POD presence”

Stephen Stookey, Ph.D., is a university dean/church history professor at Wayland Baptist University and an ordained minister by day and photographer by night. Well, not just nighttime; you get the picture. His love for photography began with a Kodak Instamatic 104 and a handful of GE flash cubes. Now with Canon equipment in hand, Stephen captures visual stories from locations of natural beauty, historical importance, and spiritual significance. His images appear in publications and Hollywood productions and hang on the walls of businesses, homes, and high-end hotels. Stephen operates Stephen Stookey Photography, an online print-on-demand business.