Photoshop for Artists
Sunday, October 16

The “Photoshop for Artist” track is an intermediate to advance class focused on tools and techniques the artist will need for compositing and developing art with multiple images in Photoshop. The course would be beneficial for any photographer/artist on a journey to earn their Master Artist certifications from PPA and wants to enhance they toolbox for building composited artistic images. (Due to time constraints, we will not be painting in this class. Other courses are dedicated to various painting techniques and brushes)

The course will begin with a review of various selection techniques including color selection, channel selections and even special selections like fire from black background with blend if. We will spend time on refining selections, cleaning the mask, and softening the edges of the cutout. Techniques for problem areas such as fur, hair and fixing halos will be demonstrated.

After mastering selections, the artist needs to add the selection to the base image and work on color and lighting. We will demonstrate several techniques for fixing and changing color as well as ways to modify and add light such as rim lighting, light beams and turning on the lights in lamps.

The next major area of mastery for a compositor is transformations. We will cover a variety of tools to get elements warped, liquified, transformed and moved into your image so they look like they belong.

We will wrap up the class with a variety of tools to address the environment such as adding depth of field blur and adding smoke, dust or fog. We will the wrap it up with some finishing technique to bring it all together with color overlays and LUTS and discuss various “Check Layers” you can use to find problem areas in your compositions such as areas that are too bright or too saturated.

• Master a variety of selection techniques to allow for the right tool on the right image
• Learn how to clean and soften the edges of your selection so they will blend seamlessly into a composite
• Learn various color grading technique to help match the color of elements added together
• Students will learn a variety of different lighting techniques for adding artistic light, lighting lamps and lanterns, to adding light such as rim lighting
• Tools such as warp transform, puppet warp, perspective warp and vanishing point will be demonstrated to assist in getting selections modified to fit the scene.
• Finishing technique for color blending will be covered as well as various “check layer” tools to review finished work for flaws such as over exposure and oversaturation.
• Handouts will be available for “artist print competition tips” and “compositing check list

”I’m a retired Navy Medical Service Corps officer turned Consultant in the Healthcare Technology vertical.  I was an independent consultant for about 11 years and loved the “non-corporate” life.  But even the days of consulting are behind me now as I embrace full-time retirement and spend my days on two primary activities: Photography and Corvettes! Oh and I can’t forget travel… which has taken up a fair amount of my first couple of years of retirement.