Photoshop for Photographers
Saturday, October 15

This “Photoshop for Photographers” track is a basic to intermediate level class focused on the tools and techniques needed to fix and enhance your images in Photoshop. This course will assume the artist/photographer is working on a single image (not a composite) and will cover both base editing and finishing techniques.

The course will begin with a review of the major tools in Adobe Camera RAW; concentrating on color and exposure and other global adjustments as well as a quick review of the local adjustments available in masking. We will move into PS and demonstrate various technique for cloning, healing and other tools to fix areas in your image that need repair. We will also cover cloning “in perspective” for images where cloning follows lines with perspective.

After basic editing and fixing we will spend time on color. There are many color tools available in Photoshop. This class will demonstrate some of the easiest and quickest ways to fix, modify and enhance your images color both globally and selectively. We will also cover color overlays such as lookup tables and profiles to add the finishing look and feel.

The final section of the training will cover a few unique “non destructive” techniques for dodging and burning and sharpening your images using curves, blend modes and blend if settings.
• Best Editing Workflow for Adobe Camera Raw to get the most of your RAW images before refined adjustments
• Enhancing your toolbox for fixing and removing content from your images
• Fixing Color Issues from white balance to blown highlights
• Enhancing Color to add artistic effect and learning about LUTS
• Learning the power of “Blend If”
• Learning some pro finishing techniques for dodging and burning and sharpening your images.

I’m a retired Navy Medical Service Corps officer turned Consultant in the Healthcare Technology vertical.  I was an independent consultant for about 11 years and loved the “non-corporate” life.  But even the days of consulting are behind me now as I embrace full-time retirement and spend my days on two primary activities: Photography and Corvettes! Oh and I can’t forget travel… which has taken up a fair amount of my first couple of years of retirement.