Friday Programs

Friday kicks off with a variety of hands-on Excursions.  Excursions are your opportunity to bring your camera and work in a small group setting with a coach who will guide you through the process of creating outstanding images.  Coaches will help you as much or as little as you like.  We have a variety of Excursions that are sure to get your creative energy flowing.   Excursions are held off-site and require an additional fee.  Transportation to and from each Excursion is not included.


AT&T Stadium Photo Shoot

Image by Scott Kelby

This is an unprecedented opportunity to photograph inside AT&T Stadium.

Welcome to the Jungle of Wildlife Photography

If you love photographing wildlife, either in their natural environment, game parks or in a zoo, this workshop is for you.

The Art of Street Photography

When it comes to impactful portraits, oftentimes it’s difficult to get the subjects that you most desire into the studio.

Play With Your Food!

Your mother told you not to play with your food; but we encourage it!

Airborne Over Texas

Justin Moore will take you on an exciting tour of how low altitude aerial photography is changing the photography industry.

Architectural Shooting Techniques for
Magazine Quality Images

This on location workshop will go step by step working through real world or architectural and real estate photography.

Track Programs

The I Heart Photography Conference welcomes photographers of all skill levels and interests.  If you love photography, this is your event!

We have created our programs in two “Tracks” to help you navigate the content that will be most appealing to you.  Our “Inspiration Track” features programs covering some of the most popular topics of interest to photo enthusiasts.  Our “Pro Track” features topics and speakers that will appeal to the part-time and full-time professional photographer.

You may mix and match and attend any program in any track your paid registration.  Your registration also gets you into the Expo and no additional charge.

Inspiration Track

Pro Track

Camera 101

Discover the joys of taking control of your camera instead if it controlling you.

The Right Light & The Right Pose

Get inspired to do more with your off-camera flash.

Saturday Programs

Inspiration Track

Pro Track

Bird Photography 101

You don’t have to spend hours hiding in a blind to get great bird images.

Essentials of Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography is fun and exciting and can be done by almost everyone.

Volume Photography: You Can Do It!

This program will be full of helpful information and tips for volume photography to empower you for success.

Find Your Sword

When people discover their passion for photography, they become photographers.

Nightscapes, Astrophotography, and The Milky Way

Are you ready to get out under the stars and take the best images you can?

The Art of Street Photography

Learn how to approach street photography and stay respectful and safe.

High Octane Digital Workflow

The more time you spend behind the computer, the less money goes into your wallet.

Post Production,
from Bland to Beautiful

Ethan Tweedie walks you through every step he takes to turn a mediocre photo into an incredibly polished image ready for publication.

Sunday Programs

Inspiration Track

Pro Track

Getting Started with Light Modifiers

After this class, you’ll make better buying decisions, and understand common setups to make your client look their best!

Great Adventures and Great Destinations

This program will profile some of the world’s premiere wildlife photography destinations.

Guerrilla Marketing for
the Professional Photographer

Are you doing everything you can do to attract new customers and hold on to the ones you have?

Seniors Start to Finish

Join Dawn Muncy for this intense class focusing on high school seniors.

From Flowers to Fine Art

Discover different lighting strategies and lighting sources.

Unlocking the Natural
Beauty of Landscapes

Take time for yourself and enjoy a time of creative development where you can start “seeing” things in a whole new light.

Photographing Newborns

Cecy Ayala’s program will cover how she works with newborns and the 5 most important elements for safety and safe posing.

Composite Photography Made Easy

This course will be an excellent place for you to see the world through a different lens.