Friday, October 11
8:30AM – Registration Desk Opens
9:30AM – EXCURSION – AT&T Stadium Photo Shoot
9:30AM – EXCURSION – Welcome to the Jungle of Wildlife Photography
9:30AM – EXCURSION – On Location Architectural Shooting Tricks and Techniques for Magazine Quality Images
9:30AM – EXCURSION – Play With Your Food!
9:30AM – EXCURSION – The Art of Street Portraits
9:30AM – EXCURSION – Airborne Over Texas
2:00PM – “Camera Controls 101” – presented by Ross Benton – CHENIN BLANC
2:00PM – “The Right Light & The Right Pose” presented by Alison Carlino – CHAMPANEL

Saturday, October 12
8:00AM – Registration Desk Opens
8:30AM – Bird Photography 101″ presented by Frances “Aileen” Harding – CHENIN BLANC
8:30AM – “Volume Photography: You Can Do It!” presented by Phyllis Kuykendall – CHAMPANEL
10:00AM – Trade Show Opens
10:30AM – “Essentials of Wildlife Photography” presented by Joe McDonald – CHENIN BLANC
10:30AM – Find Your Sword” presented by Brad Barton – CHAMPANEL
Noon – Break
1:30PM – High Octane Digital Workflow presented by Rob Hull – CHAMPANEL
1:30PM – “Nightscapes, Astrophotograph and the Milky Way” presented by J.T. Blenker – CHENIN BLANC
3:00PM – Registration Desk Closes
4:00PM – Trade Show Closes
4:00PM – The Art of Street Portraitspresented by Josh Jordan – CHENIN BLANC
4:00PM –Architectural Photography Post Production, from Bland to Beautiful” presented by Ethan Tweedie – CHAMPANEL
5:30PM – Programs End

Sunday, October 13
8:00AM – Registration Desk Opens
8:30AM – “Getting Started with Light Modifiers” presented by Guy T. Phillips – CHENIN BLANC
8:30AM – “Guerrilla Marketing for the Professional Photographer” presented by Dwayne Lee – CHAMPANEL
10:30AM – Great Adventures and Great Destinations” presented by Joe McDonald – CHENIN BLANC
10:30AM –Seniors Start to Finish” presented by Dawn Muncy – Sponsored by H&H Color Lab – CHAMPANEL
11:00AM – Trade Show Opens
Noon – Break
1:30PM – “SNAP”
1:30PM – “TPPA Membership Meeting”
2:00PM – From Flowers to Fine Art” presented by Teri Whittaker – CHAMPANEL
2:00PM – Photographing Newborns” presented by Cecy Ayala – CHENIN BLANC
2:30PM – Registration Desk Closes
4:00PM – Trade Show Closes
4:00PM – Let it Shine! Unlocking the Natural Beauty of Landscapes” presented by Cris Duncan – CHENIN BLANC
4:00PM – Composite Photography Made Easy” presented by Jason Ulsrud – CHAMPANEL
5:30PM – Conference Ends