Top 5 Techniques to Mastering OCF
Friday, October 14


Do you suffer from “flashaphobia”?  Does adding an off-camera flash cause anxiety? Do you struggle with flash irregularity? If so, Mark’s class is the cure.  Off-camera Flash does not have cause stress and it can be done quickly, and easily to achieve consistent professional lighting throughout your session.

Mark’s straightforward approach to Off-camera Flash will help you pull off the lighting you need while staying engaged with your client. No more complex formulas, light meters, or TTL misfires. Mark’s “Top 5 Techniques” will provide you with the confidence to create the beautiful lighting in any environment.

Rather you are new to Off-camera Flash, or a seasoned pro, you’ll be able master your Off-camera Flash photography with the tools and the knowledge to create professional lighting, every time, with ease.

Join Mark for this hands-on class and learn how to cure your flashaphobia and irregularity!

Students Will Learn:

  • Proper Fill-flash
  • Fill-flash placement for proper lighting
  • Quick and repeatable Flash settings
  • Accurate exposure with TTL
  • Modifiers to create different lighting effects

Mark Sykes, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, began his career in 1994. Over the years, Mark has continued to grow and pursue his passion for professional photographing making himself one of the most sought after wedding and children’s photographers in his area. After photographing over a 1000 weddings and nearly 2 decades of newborn and children’s portraits, Mark found a new passion in creating extreme senior portraits. In 1999 he purchased his dream studio on 1.5 acres on the banks of Nantucket Lake in College Station and has invested years into creating a beautiful portrait park.
Mark is a devoted father to his daughter Emily, 23, and his fur baby; Maggie. His other passions are planes, woodworking and cooking BBQ. He has developed his own line of BBQ rubs and sauce and after tons of great reviews, is now working on bringing them to market.