From Concept to Composite: Crafting Imaginary Realities
Presented by Amber Damour
Sunday, October 6


Step into the world of visual enchantment with Amber’s captivating full day workshop on creating stunning photography composites using Adobe Photoshop. Join master photographer Amber Damour as she unravels the artistry behind seamlessly blending multiple images into captivating narratives that transcend the boundaries of reality.

In this immersive session, you will witness firsthand the creative process that transforms individual photographs into harmonious and breathtaking composites.

Amber will guide you through each step of the composite creation journey, sharing invaluable insights, tips, and tricks honed through years of experience.

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or a seasoned enthusiast, this live demonstration promises to ignite your creativity and expand your skill set in the realm of photography composites. Immerse yourself in the world of digital artistry as Amber unveils her expert strategies for crafting mesmerizing visual stories that captivate and inspire.

Meet Amber Damour

I am a portrait photographer & composite artist based in Dallas, Texas and I work with children, families, maternity and seniors. I focus on creating storytelling imagery for my clients and designing heirloom artwork for their families. I am married to the most amazing husband and we have three beautiful daughters who motivate and inspire me to do big things.

What you will learn from this workshop:

  • Preparation and Vision: Gain a glimpse into the Amber’s mindset as they discuss the importance of pre-visualization, concept development, and selecting the right images for your composite.
  • Lighting and Shadow Mastery: Discover how to manipulate light and shadows to create realism within your composites, making them indistinguishable from single photographs.
  • Texture and Color Harmonization: Observe as textures and colors are harmonized across different elements to create a unified and visually captivating composition.
  • Fine-Tuning and Detailing: Dive into the finer details as Amber demonstrates how to refine your composite through careful adjustments, adding intricate details that elevate the overall impact.
  • Creative Effects: Explore advanced Photoshop tools for adding creative effects, enhancing atmosphere, and infusing a distinct mood into your composite.