One Light Solutions
Presented by Ian Spanier

Saturday, October 5
9am – 5:00pm

Join us on a captivating journey into the realm of portrait photography as we present a live demonstration by Celebrity Portrait Photographer and Westcott Top Pro Ian Spanier.

This masterclass is designed to unravel the artistry behind creating stunning one-light portraits, offering a firsthand look at the techniques and tips employed by a seasoned expert.

Join us as the Ian takes center stage, demonstrating the power of simplicity and the profound impact a single light source can have on your portraits.

This live demonstration is an immersive experience for photographers of all levels, from enthusiasts to professionals, seeking to enhance their portrait photography skills. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the expert, ensuring a personalized and enriching learning experience. Don’t miss this chance to witness the magic of one-light portrait photography unfold before your eyes and elevate your own skills to new heights.

Additionally, Ian will showcase some of the techniques he’ll discuss. This presents a unique chance to peek behind the scenes, witnessing Ian’s meticulous planning and setup for his shoots, along with his adept methods for making subjects feel comfortable and maximizing the potential of each portrait session.

Ian Will Cover:

  • Essential Gear and Setup: Get an in-depth understanding of the equipment required for one-light portrait photography. From the choice of light source to modifiers, our expert will guide you through the variety of options for achieving optimal results.
  • Light Placement and Direction: Explore the nuances of placing the light source strategically to shape the subject’s face and create compelling shadows. Learn how the direction of light can dramatically affect the mood and aesthetics of your portraits.
  • Modifying Light for Impact: Dive into the world of light modifiers, such as softboxes and umbrellas, and discover how they can be used to control and soften the light. Understand the impact of different modifiers on the quality of your portraits.
  • Posing Techniques: Witness the photographer’s mastery in guiding subjects and achieving natural and flattering poses. Learn how to collaborate with your subjects to bring out their best expressions and capture authentic moments.
  • Adjusting Settings for Impact: Gain insights into camera settings, including aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, to complement the one-light setup. Understand how to strike the perfect balance for optimal exposure and creative control.
  • Creating a Connection: Explore the art of connecting with your subjects to capture genuine emotions. Our photographer will share communication techniques to make your subjects feel at ease, resulting in more compelling and authentic portraits.

Meet Ian Spanier

Ian Spanier began taking photographs at six years old when his parents gave him his first point and shoot camera. After majoring in photography in college, Spanier worked in publishing as an editor, but making pictures never left him. Having only known 35mm, he taught himself medium and large format as well as lighting. Ian is a Westcott Lighting “Top Pro,” as well as a Brand Ambassador for Spider Holster, CamRanger, ThinkTank, Hoodman USA, True Classics, his added affiliations with V-Flat World and Sekonic bolster his reputation as an expert in his field. He lectures regularly for Canon, B&H Photo, and PPA. The original “Masters of Photography” have always inspired Spanier as they shot what they saw. For him, there is no “one” subject that he photographs; he also chooses to shoot what he sees. Although he works anywhere and everywhere, Spanier left NY for the sunny coast, and now lives in Los Angeles, CA.